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Selecting ASTROS  means getting expertise and service that meet your needs. Our qualifies teams are trained to have an in-depth knowledge of product ranges and our technical service is provided by product specialists who always are available.


With an integrated multi-modal transport company, ASTROS provides Procurement & Logistic solutions adapted to the requirements of its customers by guiding them to the most competitive Sourcing, Procurement & Transportations modes: air, sea and road transport, specialized transport, projects, warehousing and stock management.


  • Reduced supply costs
  • Continuous communication and information sharing
  • Increased productivity

Industrial Equipment

Electric: low and medium voltage switchgear, cables, instrumentation, automatism, accessories, lighting, engine, motor, gearbox, transformer, ATEX, laboratory and control, etc.

Pneumatic equipment (cylinder, distributors, flexible hose, fitting, clamps, etc.)

Material and mechanical parts (bearing, clamp, ring, fixture, belt conveyor, rollers, PPE, handling, signal system, etc.)

Oil & Gas Equipment

Container (10, 20, 40, cooling, etc.) shelter, etc.

Generator, cooling group

Mechanical assembly line for Automotive, Truck, Aircraft and Oil & Gas industries: equipment, structure (design, manufacturing, assembly, 3D control, on-site installation, drawing parts, etc.)

Sintetic Chemicals & Ink

Pump, air and gas compressor, Electrical cabinet, Control and Automation Boards

Transformer, marine engine

Heavy Industrial Equipment

Accessories: gasket, flange, fitting, reducer, fisture, stud, forged, welded

Measure: flow, pressure, temperature, etc

Miscellaneous: anode, pig, repaireing, laboratory, weighing upperworks, rope, anchor, equipment of rescue and survival equipment

Piping of any size and raw material (welded or not welded, naked or coated, etc.)

Valve/gate: manual or activated

Personal Protective Equipment

Protective Helmets


Protective Glasses

Galoshes and protective shoes

Ear Plugs

First aid case


Protective suits

All essencial protection

Rolling Machine & Handling

Machine for building and civil engineering works, public works, road, railroad, mine and career, agricultural machine of any brands (filter, tire, spare parts of driving machine, crane, hoist, conveyor, new vehicle and used, forklift, truck, etc.)

Miscellaneous Industrial


Welder and accessories: PPE, safety, telephony, hardware, cleaning, detection, PPE ATEX, etc.

Offices and Living facilities for working sites (toilet, household electrical appliances, bungalow, catering, etc.)

Handling equipment, electrical & handle tools, plumbing, Building and Civil Engineering, etc.

Material and tools for workshop, cutting tools

Raw Material

Cement, concrete bar, Rockwool, plasterboard, tilling, wood, brick, galvanized steel, etc.

Foundry, forge, plastic injection

Piping: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic

Steel, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, plastic of all shapes and sizes (bar, sheet, plate, etc.)

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Vision Overview

We act as an united team that fights every day to improve and to learn to be a great company for our customers and to the socialty as a whole. We work hard to fulfill our obligations.

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